UPDATE: Election results available here.

Jennifer Rosen

Candidate for Briarcliff Manor Trustee

137 Hirst Road, Briarcliff Manor

Incumbent: Yes

Age: 56

Employment: Current stay at home mother Citigroup (1987-2003) - VP & Financial Controller for various businesses in the Investment Bank and VP & Compliance Officer for the Foreign Exchange and Derivatives Businesses Touche Ross & Co. (1984-1987) - Auditor Briarcliff Manor School Board Trustee (currently President of the School Board) Westchester Putnam School Boards Association Trustee, Audit & Finance Committee member

Education: Binghamton University, MS in Accounting Fordham University, MBA in Finance I have also taken various school board member training classes on topics such as: The Affordable Care Act, Budget Process, Fund Balance Management,Creating a Multi-Year Budgeting Model, and Board Goal Setting. I have also attended other school board events such as legislative forums, negotiation roundtables, and school board member/legislator networking events to ensure I have the knowledge needed to perform my school board duties to the best of my ability.

Tenure: I have lived in Briarcliff Manor for over sixteen years.

http://www.facebook.com/Re-Elect Rosen 2014


Election Central: Why are you running for office or seeking re-election?

Rosen: I am running for re-election so I can continue my successful efforts to put Briarcliff on a path to education al excellence and financial sustainability. During my tenure I have played an important role in reducing spending while making key educational investments. Additionally, I believe I have been a positive ambassador for Briarcliff to the general public, and I feel it is important to continue my efforts to represent our schools for their excellence in education.

Election Central: What in your personal, civic or professional experience recommends your election or return to office?

Rosen: My service on the Board of Education is an extension of many years of active involvement in our schools. Through years of committee participation, attendance at Board meetings, training sessions and student-related events I have continued to acquire the knowledge and develop the skills required to be an effective school board member. In addition to being a Board Trustee and current President of our Board, I serve on our Board’s Policy Committee and Audit Committee. I also serve on the Board of the Westchester Putnam School Board Association (WPSBA) and have been active in school advocacy at the local and state level. This has helped to bring in approximately $300,000 in extra state aid to Briarcliff over the Governor’s original state aid proposals over the past two years. I am also on WPSBA’s Audit and Finance committee and for next year, I have been asked and have accepted their request to become a member of their executive committee in the position of Treasurer. I believe that my experiences at WPSBA combined with those as a school board member, my understanding and respect for board process and protocol, my ability to both challenge and respect our educational experts, my 19 years of work experience as an auditor and controller, and my experience as a stay at home parent make me qualified to complement the existing skill set on the Board while offering a unique and independent perspective.

Election Central: What would be your top three priorities if you are elected or re-elected?

Rosen: 1. To continue my efforts to put Briarcliff on a path to be a leader in the education of its students

I am very proud of the vision of our new Superintendent and the environment that allowed him to immediately develop and begin to act upon that vision which brings exciting new cutting edge initiatives to Briarcliff and addresses past issues in need of improvement. Three years ago, when I campaigned for school board, I promised I would work toward ensuring that our administrators have a K-12 focus to enhance learning and efficiency. We now have a focus on continuous K-12 programming that allows for efficiency and savings in programming for our schools. Enhancements to our programs include: Linking our elementary math enrichment program to the middle school to increase learning opportunities to our students, increasing support for our computer science program at the high school and providing opportunities for students to learn coding at the middle school level via an afterschool club, providing pre-engineering courses to all middle school students, and our 1:1 technology initiative to provide laptop/tablets to every 4th and 5th grader next year with rollout to the middle school and high school phased in over time, allowing students to utilize district resources to improve learning outcomes.

2. To continue my efforts to put Briarcliff on a path to financial sustainability

I have worked hard over the past three years to establish an infrastructure to increase available financial data, provide sustainable budgets, to minimize budget fluctuations and improve our budget process. Along with our new administrative leaders and colleagues on the Board, I believe I have been able to accomplish a great deal in a short period of time. This includes the creation of a long range planning committee involving community and Board members working together. This year a BOCES representative helped facilitate our budget process to make it more objective and productive. Three budget workshops in addition to regular board meetings were held to increase community input. Budget presentations were given by all three of our school Principals, our Athletic Director and our Director of Pupil Personnel Services to allow for informed budget decisions by the board. Budget information made available to the community included four years of actual data, projected year end expenses and proposed budget numbers. The community had unprecedented access to information during this process and I am proud of that. This resulted, under the leadership of our new Superintendent, a proposed tax cap compliant budget that has the lowest tax levy increase in three years. Our Administrators now focus on continuous K-12 programming that allows for efficiency and savings in programming for our schools.

3. To continue to advocate for our students and community members

Through my collaborations within and outside of our district, I will continue to represent our district to State Legislators to help ensure our students are college and career ready when they graduate high school. My efforts over the past two years of my involvement in this area have brought in approximately $300,000 in extra state aid to Briarcliff over the Governor’s original state aid proposals. I will also continue to advocate to help ensure that our students are not overburdened by state mandated tests, their privacy is protected and that the interest of our taxpayers are represented.