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Julian Jay Papp

Candidate for Clarkstown Trustee

West Nyack, NY

Incumbent: No

Employment: Jay’s professional experience includes both corporate employment as well as extensive experience as an entrepreneur. His professional positions have included: Social Worker for Westchester County Department of Social Services, Bookkeeper/Staff Accountant for H.J. Ritter, Inc., Manager of IT and Credit then, Director of Operations and culminating in Director of Operations and Facilities for Polder, Inc. Jay launched his first company just a few months after graduating from college and thereafter established several small businesses where he established unique business service offerings to the public as well as having created a lotion product line which was introduced to the retail market by a nationwide retailer. In 1995 Jay formed Electronic Business Technologies, Inc. where he provided, serviced and consulted on various business technology products to small through fortune level companies. His business acumen has enabled him to secure a client list which has included household names such as; Jordache, Spiegel, Linens N Things, DC Comics, American Express / GGK, Axa / Winterthur re. Ski Shawnee, US Chess Federation as well as being recommended business technology operations consultant by Bed Bath & Beyond, AFES and others. Under Jays’ leadership, Electronic Business Technologies maintained 10 consecutive years of growth and became a premier dealer of UA Corporate Accounting Software. His success in selling and servicing this business accounting and management product line lead to Jay being named to the dealers counsel to the Board of Directors of Advanced Software Development Corporation. Jay conceived, engineered and directed the end to end development of Progressive Accounting and Business Management Software (www.progressiveaccounting.com). His further professional accomplishments include being the creator of the business technology efficiency model and methodology of “LEAN SDLC” www.leansdlc.com. In recent years Jay has expanded his business to include strategic concepting and development for both clients and for speculative business purposes. A sampling of these endeavors include; Pet Home Products Safety and Security System and related trademarks of Pet Home® and Pet Finder®. Additional such ventures include the complete reengineering of the DartmasterIII® electronic scoreboard system and other pending product lines.

Education: Lean Six Sigma Certification - Villanova University. MBA Studies - LIU; Accounting and Computer Programming (18 Credits, GPA 3.92 on a 4.0 Scale). Professional Certificate; Income Maintenance - Rockefeller College. Professional Certificate; Social Policy - Columbia University. B.S. Public Relations & Communications with Minors: Public Administration / Public Policy and History – State University Of New York at Cortland.

Tenure: I grew up in Tarrytown NY, moved to South Nyack with my wife in 1994 and then to West Nyack in 2000. I have been living in Rockland for going on 20 years now and I love living here in Clarkstown.



Election Central: Why are you running for office or seeking re-election?

Papp: I have wanted to run for the board of education for over ten years, and this is the first time that I have been able to do so. The district has not had a buildings and facilities use and maintenance plan in decades, as a result every building in the district needs major work. The North High School has urinals hanging off the walls and toilets that don't work. There are rats in the halls and the place looks just horrible. Just about every roof on every building needs major work or full replacement. We need people on the board of education that think and are able to develop new concepts to achieve our goals. I have already proposed a plan that will save the district 6.2 million dollars on the Congers school repair and various proposals that can generate income enough to cover all sports and extracurricular activities. But, these programs will need the backing and help of parents. The district has historically failed to reach out to parents the way it should have and I plan to change that. I want to see all of Clarkstown's facilities in top condition within the next six years and then to propel the district to be the best it can over the following six years. The district need to have 5 and 10 year plans with 15 and 20 estimated forecasts. Currently there is not even a viable two year plan in place.

Election Central: What in your personal, civic or professional experience recommends your election or return to office?

Papp: My many years in business and working as an business and financial operations consult provide me with exceptional resources to draw on in order to address the financial issues, operations and waste issues facing our school district.

In addition my experience in working with various areas of the community have provided me with experience which will be valuable to the school district.

Civic and Commuity:
Founder of Missing Medals Registry; www.missingmedals.us
Officer of Ossining Elks (2 Years)
Officer of Pearl River Elks (6 years)
PBOE Elks: Community Activities Chairman
PBOE Elks: New York State Elks Southern District Youth PBOE Elks: Activities Chairperson
New York State Elks Auditing Committee
National Elks District Deputy’s Financial Auditing Committee

Clarkstown Schools:
West Nyack Elementary PTA;
PTA Coordinator of Security for Halloween Fun Night 2011-13
PTA Security Volunteer for Halloween Fun Night 2007 -2010

Election Central: What would be your top three priorities if you are elected or re-elected?

Papp: I have already presented plans to the BOE which will save the school district 6.2 million dollars by repairing the Congers school gym wall with a quakewrap product at a cost of $275k as opposed to the pork-barrel project now in the works at a cost of 6.5 million dollars.

While doing the below as outlined, we must also start to address how the school district will resolve the 8 million dollar per year deficit. I propose a series of secondary and tertiary revenue programs, efficiency programs and grant writing initiatives to draw in funds so that tax dollars can be moved to restricted areas such as teacher salaries. To work with the teachers union this year to provide teachers with a reasonable contract which will enable Teachers to grow financially and the district to recover from two decades of neglect. I believe that it would be in the best interest of all parties to enter into a shorter term contract which will provide all with the ability to revisit critical issues in a two year period. I also wish to secure the services of a grant writer to seek federal grant funds which will relieve the district of finical burdens and be able to recover. Most importantly, the district needs to start to reach out to the community and work together on necessary tax revenue increases that will enable the school to operate without further cuts but, that does not put a massive hardship upon the community.

With regard to our buildings and repairs, I prioritize them as follows:
1. Resolve the issue with the Congers Elementary School; get the gym wall repaired so that the students can return to the school in September 2014.

2. Establish a buildings and facilities plan which addresses the current use and future use of all buildings and facilities.
3. Resolve the issue of excess classrooms which is preventing the district from qualifying for state building aid.
4. Implement a plan to combine many smaller classrooms into single larger classrooms and to properly utilize all space in order to qualify for NYSED building Aid.
5. Establish a list and prioritize it by most urgent building repairs in order to start to fix the schools which are in urgent need of maintenance and new roofs.